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Snow White

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I don't know if it's all the snow we've had in the past week, but I've been making some very pale dolls of late; white faces and white dresses.

Pinky done

I don't yet have a name for this young lass (am open to suggestions!) but she was not very happy about me showing her in her skivvies, so I had to promise to put the 'after' photo before the 'before' photo, if you follow.  I used some boning attached to lengths of ribbon to make her skirt hoop, which makes her look a bit like a circus tent in the picture below:

Pinky WIP

I'm nearly finished this somewhat troubled looking waif; she needs her
wig and the source of the red stain on her dress (hint: it's not

 Perseph WIP close

Both she and the pink lady will be similar to Agatha in that she won't
have legs, but rather is supported by a stand.  Another of my
deconstructed-y dolls.  I'm having fun with their clothes; lots of
ripping and pinning and sewing in place.  I feel freed from the tyranny
of the teeny, tiny pattern pieces that have plagued my poor eyes these
past years.

 Perseph WIP long

And of course, I can't call this post 'Snow White' without some pictures of snow.  I know I've had a few of these already this year, but it's winter in Montreal - this is all I got!   

 Snowy window

It will hang around for another two-and-a-half months at least, so I'm trying to embrace the aspects of it I find beautiful in order to cope with aspects I find horribly, painfully, terribly frigid and interminable.

 Snowy lane

It was a shocking -30 the past few days, but look how pretty!