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Last weekend I bought a new camera and it is just awesome.  (thank you, Christine!)  I generally try not to fetishize technology, but it is not unreasonable to say that  this camera has actually improved my quality of life.  Before this, I had a ten-year-old camera that my father very kindly bought for me on a business trip to Japan because they still cost a small fortune back then.  When I told my friend this, she asked "did they even have digital cameras ten years ago?"  Well, just barely.   And considering it is so old, it has served me quite well, but the new one is a revelation. Taking pictures is now a delightful activity instead of a tedious chore.  Observe:
Heart main

This is Mme. Frontenac (available in my shop)  and a little story that, I confess, is a mishmash of fact and fiction...


to legend, the Governor General of New France, Louis de Buade de
Frontenac, was heartbroken when he discovered his wife was having an
affair with the Sun King. He eventually forgave her, but left explicit
instructions about the treatment of his body upon his death. After he
died, Madame de Frontenac received a special delivery: her husband's
heart in a lead box. So, be true to the one you love and Happy
Valentine's Day!

I also had the good fortune to be featured in the Spring issue of Art Doll Quarterly, which came out this week.  The dolls in the magazine are three that I made last summer.  First there is Ivy... Porches 2009 037

...and Peggine with the Huntsman's Daughter:
Porches 2009 040

 There is also a brief article (written by moi), a portion of which I'll be posting on my 'about me' page.

Tata for now! I'm off to tidy my studio, which is a true horror...