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Oh Rio, Rio

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For Christmas, I gave my husband a book of beautiful retellings of Greek myths called The Marriage of Cadmus and Harmony.  I then promptly stole it.  Well, I prefer to think of it as borrowing, and for a good cause.  I've been researching the Persephone for my own flailing little book, as I'm so in love with the imagery of that tale.  Ya got flowers, ya got Hell, ya got pomegranates and snatched maidens and a bad-ass mother prepared to go up against the lord of the underworld to get her daughter back...good stuff.  So here is my figurative take on the story, entitled Persephone Ascending:


While gathering flowers in the vale of Enna, Persephone was seized by Hades and hauled off to the underworld. She just
couldn't resist that pomegranate seed! And now her mother Demeter
grieves for her, chokes the harvest and cloaks the world in winter for
half the year. Come back to us, sweet maiden!

And with my new love (er, I mean camera) I finally got some decent pictures of Willow, who was rather underserved, I think, by those dreary shots in my last post.

Willow main 2

Willow wanders hither and thither, through wide meadows and verdant
valleys, over babbling brooks and sibilant streams. So slim, she bends
with the breeze, whispers with the wind's song, wonders where her love
has gone...

Willow long

Finally, for reasons that cannot yet be revealed, I scanned some beloved old family photos this weekend.  My mother and grandmother were born in Brazil (though of American, British and French heritage). And so I have many wonderful photos of my Vóvó (Portuguese for grandmother) and her parents dressed in the most beautiful Edwardian and Victorian clothes against lush, tropical backgrounds.  Here she is with her mother:

Vovo baby

And here is the beautiful statue of Christ that overlooks the harbour in Rio de Janiero. Any children of the 80's out there?  Any closeted Duran Duran fans?  Well, me too.  But in this case, I meant the city!

Rio christ statue