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A Pretty Print For You

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As promised weeks (months?) ago, I'm finally doing a giveaway.  I'm very excited to have prints in the shop fr the first time, so for the next two weeks you can leave me a comment here to enter; a funny story,  suggestions for doll names, or just a quick hello - anything will do.  (You can also email me if you have any trouble leaving a comment.) I will do the drawing on March 24th, and the winner can then choose their favourite print.   Here are a few of my favourites:
Waiting gate detail

I took this picture in front of a beautiful old church near my house.  It was soooo cold that day, but it was worth it to get the lovely, snow-white background.

Back alley

I took these photos of Willow in the alleyway behind my apartment. (Also very cold).  Winter branches 8.5 x 11 print

Rather than complain any longer about the weather, I'll share with you something that has been keeping me sane over the past few weeks.  I have fallen in love with "This American Life", which I had heard before on the radio when visiting the US,  but being able to listen to it as a podcast is SO great, especially at those times of day when there is nothing good on the CBC, which is my usual source of news and ad-free radio programming.  The CBC also has some great podcasts, but they are fairly recent whereas archives for This American Life podcats go back to 1995.  (I'll link to some of my favourite CBC shows in the next post, but for now.) If you're an artist or crafter, I highly recommend these shows to keep you company during those long hours in the studio.  It makes all the difference to have something interesting to listen to after you're all music-ed out and need a good story on anything from an lay-person's explanation of the housing crisis (something I'd never thought I'd really understand) to true scary stories for Hallowe'en. (A long way off, I grant you, but is it ever too early?)