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 Last night I invigilated the final exam for my course; I still have to grade half their final papers and the exams, but then I will be done!!!  My new goal in life is never to grade another paper, so I'm very much looking forward to having the summer off to concentrate on dolls, Etsy,  blogging and general stuff-making.  I'm taking a course in American Gothic Fiction (lots of Hawthorne and Poe) and I have two words with which to express my feelings about that:  Yippee Skippee!  Dolls and spooky stories?  What a way to spend a summer...

I'm still working a way on several custom orders, and have recently completed two.  One very special project was creating a doll that was meant to embody the spirit of Sapphire, the beautiful cat pictured below, who has passed on to kitty  heaven. Linda, her  'owner' (I don't really like that term in relationship to animals, especially when  I feel more like I exist in service to my cats!)  asked me to create a doll that could help her commemorate Sapphire, and as a cat lover myself who has lost felt the pain of losing a beloved pet, I was honoured to have the opportunity.

Picture 5

Sapphire has that beautifully superior, slightly cranky look of so many cats,  so I tried to capture that in the doll's expression.  I also used Sapphire's beautiful grey and black coat as inspiration for the doll's clothing.

Sapphire w: kitty

  And I made my first attempt at a clay pet; far from perfect, but it was fun to try and I will definitely be making more.

Sapph kitty

You can read more about Sapphire and see some of Linda's lovely illustrations here.

Sapphire long

I also made another version of Ghostly Minka, who was my one Hallowe'en offering last year.

Minka 2 grey

This Minka has the same punky hairstyle but a slightly more demure expression.  I need to braver with short hair styles, because I do love how they turn out. 

Terry close 3

And speaking of Hallowe'en creepies, if you have a vampire fetish, you should check out the BBC series my husband and I just finished watching, Ultraviolet.   You can find it on netflix in the States or zip in Canada, and here are my top four reasons to watch:

1. It's about vampires
2. The almost absurdly handsome Idris Elba (you might know him as Stringer Bell from The Wire, but he's even yummier with an English accent.
3.  It's good
4. It's funny (yet frightening) to see how hilariously passé clothes from 1998 already look (lots of shiny suits and unfortunately shoulder-padded leather jackets.)

Also, if, like me, you watch all things vampire, you might also recognize Stephen Moyer who plays Bill Compton on True Blood.  Ten years ago, he looked positively petite and fey compared to his more recent vampire incarnation.