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The Divine Ms. Kelly

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A few weeks ago I posted an in-progress photo of a custom order I've been working on; it was commissioned by the lovely Ms. Kelly.  Kelly asked for a self-portrait figurine in black with a Victorian costume, and I absolutely loved making her.

Kelly antique
Part of the fun was making my first quasi-authentic 19th Century bustle.  The originals were made from wire cage and fabric, so I used window screen instead:

Kelly bustle body
I also gave her a deeply pleated skirt and a five-piece corset:
And of course, a ragged little parasol for all that melancholy  wandering about in the rain so de-rigeur for Victorian ladies (well probably not really because they were always cooped up at home with the vapours, but that's how I like to imagine them ...)
Kelly full
Here is the original Kelly:

Kelly Airport

I've also added two more 3-D illustrations to the shop. These were a lot of fun to make, and nice also because they don't take nearly as long as a doll, so I get to see the results more quickly.  I'll be offering them as custom orders later this week.
Deer sis long etsy
And finally, after marking over 100 papers in two weeks, I am finished my teaching contract!! I am officially unemployed, which is both scary and exciting.  The dolls are coming!