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Oh so Close...

Dolls (Mine)Your Name11 Comments the end of the semester!  I only have one more week of classes left, then two weeks to mark my students' exams and final papers , then done!  I don't think I've ever been so excited about finishing a job as I am about this one.  The marking has been overwhelming - eight months of having nearly thirty papers to mark almost every weekend.  Blech.  No wonder both students and teachers hate Composition courses; they have to write so. many. essays.  And then we have to mark them.  But not for long.    Freedom, I almost taste you.  I'm taking a class in American Gothic literature this summer, about which I'm very excited, and other than that I'm writin' fiction and makin' dolls. Yessssssssss.... Thank you, by the way, to everyone who left consoling comments on my last post.  Clearly, the whiff of liberty has me feeling much better...

I've had several, great custom orders projects, most of which entail working from pictures.  It's a fascinating challenge, trying to capture someone's features and personality while still representing them in my own style and aesthetic.  Her eare some photos of one I've just finished and one that's on progress.  Behold the lovely Hilary:
Hilary main

Hilary 2

Of course she has those enviable high cheek bones and that gorgeous hair, so my early attempts focused on those features.
Hilary shadows 2
Hilary requested antlers, an Elizabethan collar and puffy sleeves, all of which were fairly straightforward...
Hil final

But she also made an off-hand remark about it being too bad you can't get steampunk goggles for dolls, which I then took up as a secret challenge.  I put my nerdy (in the absolute best, sexy way) husband on the case, and he came up with a bit of sheer crafty genius.  These don't yet have lenses, but they give you an idea.  How I love learning how to make new, odd things!
Hil w: goggles

I've also been working on a commission for the beautiful Ms. Kelly, the world's foremost collector of Black-Eyed Suzie Dolls (thanks, Kelly!) 
Kelly Airport

As you can see, Kelly has the most amazing bone structure, so that was my focus with her doll. She is still in the early stages, but this has been such a fun project for me.  I have some beautiful costume books out from the library, and the eighteenth century is calling to me for this one.   She already has a charming little five-piece corset:
Kelly right
Now I'm feeling all gushy and lovely is it that I get to recreate these beautiful  people in my own little way?  You're nearly dead to me, day job!