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This week I finished one of my favourite pieces that I've made (that sentence sounds gramatically offensive somehow, but I'm too tired to fix it). This is a bust of the lovely Ashley D., who requested something blue and Burtonesque bunny ears:

Ashley ed

Ashley has the most amazing profile and piercing blue eyes, so I really wanted to try to capture those features.


I also finished two busts of a couple (who prefer to remain nameless) that will be an anniversary gift from lovely wife to handsome husband.

Eug blog

Mike blog 

(Can I just point out in a moment of self- congratulation that I even
made her tiny hoop and multiple stud earrings in doll version? )


I just have to give another cheer for The Turn of the Screw, which I linked to in my last post. SO. GOOD.  What a creepy, spine-tingly, beautifully-written little ghost story (little in length, but do dense and fascinating in content).  Right now we're reading Deliverance, which I always thought  was all Burt Reynolds and "squeal like a pig".  Who knew it started as a book?