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Happy New Year!  Does anyone else out there feel like every year since 2000 has sounded like science fiction/ make-believe?  I don't know if I'll ever get my head into this millennium...Anyway, I hope all your days of late have been merry and bright!

 I thought I'd share a few photos of Christmas presents I made, some of which I'll soon be adding to my shop as prints.  Yes, it's time to bring back the prints.  I never meant to leave them out for this long, but I looked up after my little boy was born and suddenly a year had gone by.  It scares me sometimes how quickly it goes by.


Bird Gehrls I & II, named for one of my favourite Antony and the Johnsons songs.  I have a few little left cages, so I'll be making more of these.

Birdgerhl (2)

And one more ballerina...I think I'll make more of these eventually, too.  This time I used silk organza for the tutu instead of tulle and liked it even more. 

Tasha close

Making it reminded me of how I once insisted on wearing my ratty pink tutu to school (paired it with a plaid shirt).  My poor mother...she relented, and now that I have a baby I understand why. If we could somehow harness the willfulness and determination of young children, we could solve the world's energy problems.

Tasha long